For Sparrow

IMG_4255She was a warrior
You could tell by her jaw
A posture to cut a clear line
Practiced in patience with all that she saw
Offering wisdom and time

She was a trickster
You could tell by her eyes
How the light inside could lead you astray
Telling the the truth and telling them lies
She would turn it around the very next day

She was a damsel
You could tell by her smile
Full of mercy, mystery, grace
A love for herself so that she could love you
A taking and holding of the space

And she washed my dark soul
With such calm, such care
Words always hitting the mark
And she wasted nothing, and laid nothing to waste
For there is beauty there in the dark

She was a companion
You could tell by her hands
A strength built up over years
Fingers so riddled with hard work and plans
Still small enough to hold tears

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