If You Sing It, They Will Come

I have a funny habit for a lead singer: I’m shy about inviting people out to my events. I feel awkward asking people to set aside time to pay attention to me. I don’t have a natural tendency toward self-promotion. I suck at it.


Case in point: This month I launched a singing circle and vocal improvisation group in Guelph. This is a big deal for me. When I first graduated university, my aunts sent me to take a weeklong intensive workshop with a woman named Rhiannon at Hollyhock resort on Cortez Island, BC. The session was a fabulously affirming start to a career of making music. I had that “this is IT” feeling. That feeling resurfaced again this summer when I ended up at a series of workshops organized by Chris Tonelli and ICASP. I found meeting Maggie Nichols particularly inspiring. I realized that as much as I want to study resiliency and music, I also wanted to BE a subject of these fields. I AM a subject of these fields. So I took a chance and opened a door, and found that Gary Diggins and Silence were kind enough to help walk through it.


But I forgot to invite people. Or did I? I got busy. Did I? I’m always busy. What really happened was I got shy. I did manage to spread the word a little tiny bit, but just enough that failure was still an option.


Luckily it’s hard to fail when others show up. A small but willing group of participants gathered and we managed to fill the two hours with sound and story and courage. By the end of the session I felt encouraged enough to start a group on facebook, and send out invitations to the next gathering on May 17th. https://www.facebook.com/groups/830640590357662/


And so here too, I shamelessly promote my new endeavor. Come join us at 46 Essex St. on Sunday May 17th at 10:00 am!



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