Vieux Montreal

IMG_3606A snowball fight in the street lamp light
As the songs bounce across the skating ice
From the top of the hill I can make out the map
Of the city that’s not ours

You in a tie and me in my heels
Still a surprise after all of these years
I hate the cold, except when I’m with you
Now tell me, how’d you do that?

Here in Vieux Montreal
I know that I’m gonna fall
In love
With you

Stone foundations and Chinese gates
We’ve got reservations but we can be late
We might get lost but I’ve got just enough
French to get by

Here is a doorway that makes you look tall
Here is a love made to conquer them all

Let’s throw the pillows around the room
Let’s open bottles of wine too soon
Let’s go walking beneath the moon
Like Leonard used to do, ‘dept this time it’s me and you


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